“If you have an idea, write it down, put it into your calendar and give yourself deadlines. Make that deadline holy."


Megan McGowan

This Bay Area native brings an exciting combination of expertise and experience to her work. Since June of 2013, Megan McGowan has been a passionate member of the design team at San Francisco based company, Wikia, a leading publisher on the web and mobile. Globally, Wikia represents over 100 million unique visitors per month and is a Top 25 Internet site according to Quantcast. Megan is responsible for working on a variety of web ads, print collateral, branding exploration, and more. In January of 2015, Wikia launched a new brand, Fandom, where Megan has lead visual branding efforts alongside other team members.

Before starting at Wikia, Megan worked as a designer for Fearless Records, an independent record label in Los Angeles. Not only did this give her a chance to hone her design skills, but Fearless Records was home to some of her favorite artists at the time which combined her love of music with her passion for creative design work. For over three years Megan learned first-hand about what it took to be one of two designers at a small company, all while doing freelance work with musicians, wineries, and other small business owners on the side. 

When Megan isn’t working on design, she enjoys traveling, doodling, cooking, music, social media, embroidery, a good view, anything with avocado, sarcastic comedy, new products of all sorts, a well-groomed pair of eyebrows, planning her California central coast retirement, watching her favorite bands play live, product packaging and has a tumultuous love affair with boy bands and top 40 music.